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(St. Mary Parish Docket No. 77,796)

Four Corners, LA is approximately three miles southwesterly and down-drainage from the Blanchard Property (Park Plantation).  Park Plantation is but one tract of land encompassing at least 547.59 acres in the South Jeanerette Field and that field covers thousands of acres in St. Mary Parish generally between Baldwin, LA and Jeanerette, LA. Park Plantation is in the vicinity of Adeline, LA.  ARCO (now BP) operated most of the first producing wells on the southerly side of Bayou Teche. The vicinity plat below generally shows the area and the locations of Four Corners and of Park Plantation. 

The 2004 Times Picayune article shown below speaks of the environmental impacts upon Four Corners, LA as of that date and before.  To the author's knowledge, no direct cause and effect has ever been scientifically and statistically shown that connects this small community and the specific oil and gas operations in South Jeanerette Field but the Office of Conservation files detail large amounts of environmental assessment work on Park Plantation to ascertain the extent of contamination on that property and where it may be migrating to, if at all.  (A few of those letters will be added in the near future.)  Should one like to independently investigate that work, please at least review the following:

  • OC Legacy Project No. 023 -007-001
  • Compliance Order No. E-I & E-05-0233
  • Compliance Order No. E-I & E-09-0110
  • Compliance Order No. E-I & E-06--0351
  • Nancy Blanchard & Park Plantation, LLC vs Linder Oil Company, et al; No. 606-555, 24th JDC, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana (Also known as the Blanchard III litigation.)

as described on Page No. 9 of 19 in that certain Warranty Easement Deed in Perpetuity between Park Plantation, L.L.C. and the United States of America recorded in the St. Mary Parish Conveyance records as File No. 323904 in Book No. 329, Page No. 300.  

December 14, 2015 Warranty Easement Deed in Perpetuity

Vicinity Plat showing Park Plantation and Four Corners, LA

2004 - Times Picayune - EPA Must See Big Picture

At the onset of this narrative, it is very important to establish some key relationships that existed long before the author's knowledge of Park Plantation and/or the filing of the Blanchard I litigation in 1986.  These relationships first evidence themselves as existing in or about 1983 and are key to further understanding the parties interplaying in other Blanchard litigations and a tangential litigation that was later filed in St. Mary Parish by the author against one of the plaintiff's attorneys in the Blanchard I litigation. (We shall get to that litigation at a later time once all the foundation has been built under the Blanchard I litigation.)

These relationships can be first evidenced by two website pages published for public viewing by KIMSU Oil Co. and recorded by the author on December 5, 2000. 

Website Page No. 1 and Page No. 2.

These two pages establish some interesting facts.

1. KIMSU Oil Co. and Linder Oil Company were affiliated for over 17 years from at least December 5, 2000 or around 1983 or so.  This becomes important when reading the December 2, 1985 letter from Trowbridge to Wessel that is linked below.

2. KIMSU Oil Co. had developed geologic ideas for drilling on Park Plantation.

3. Linder Oil Company did drill a number of oil and gas wells on Park Platation based on KIMSU Oil Co.'s ideas and drilling commenced on November 14, 1996.

4. The KIMSU Oil Co. and Linder Oil Company relationships existed during key time periods mentioned in the three letters shown below.  

February 27, 1986 Letter from Hine Associates/John E. Hine to Betty Blanchard

November 14, 1986 Letter from Wessel to Trowbridge

December 2, 1986 Letter from Trowbridge to Wessel

October 10, 2000 Affidavit of Betty Blanchard  It is believed that Betty Blanchard died on or about May 7, 2007.  (The author is attempting to obtain her obituary to determine the exact date.)  On more than one occasion, Betty Blanchard told the author, she want to put these facts down in affidavit form in the event she could not testfy to them personally.  They have been previously filed in the Blanchard IV Federal litigation.

May 23, 2009 Newman Trowbridge Obituary