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William Joseph Seymour

Born in Centerville, LA on May 2, 1870

Baptized Roman Catholic as a child in Franklin, LA

Died in Los Angeles, CA on September 28, 1922 at 52 years old.

The image above is from Wikepedia.  To begin to learn more about Joseph William Seymour and his life and his Holy Spirit-led journey and his mission work and his part in the Azusa Street Mission/Experience, begin by going here.  From that site, if you are led to know more, with a little research, you can see much more about this treasure of the Catholic Church was lost to it during the late 1800's and 1900'. 

If allowed and encouraged and fostered to practice his faith in St. Mary Parish as a Roman Catholic, as he was Baptized, it is this author's opinion, that he and St. Mary Parish, Louisiana would have more directly responded to Pope Leo's Encyclical on the Holy Spirit written and signed on May 9, 1897.  For the encyclical, please click here.  Particularly, read Paragraph No. 11 of that document.  So much could have been so different and more full!  A true loss of the fullness of the faith for Louisiana and us all! 

St. Mary Parish Today!

It is also the author's belief, that after 35+ years experience in the civil parish named "St. Mary", myriads of demons haved reared their evil heads to destroy as many of the poor and the little ones of that area as possible.  The demons knew what was eventually planned for the area named "St. Mary" and they would pull out all stops to hinder that work.   

Demons (and the people they have used) suppressed the faith activities of William Joseph Seymour and many others like him in the St. Mary area.  He could not fully express what he was being called to do there and/or even in Louisiana.  Therefore, he spent his entire life traveling and seeking and searching for the fullness of his Holy Spirit calling to which he was called from birth.  That all ended in Los Angeles, California in 1922.  There were many reasons for that.

Demons today continue the two hundred plus years of ongoing suppression particularly against the people of St. Mary Parish!  But, that too will end. The Light will return into that darkness!  Suppressors of widows, orphans and the poor...beware!  Temporal accountability is but a small payment.  "Vengeance is Mine Says the Lord!"  And, His vengeance is eternal not temporal!

To read when the battles between good and evil began in time, go to Genesis Chapter 3 (with notes to follow).

To read how to best prepare for those battles, go to Ephesians Chapter 6:10-17 (with notes to follow).

Regardless, the people doing wrong also have personal dignity.  Whatever they have done to individuals and/or the public, the wrongdoers must be prayed for and their conversion and repentance must be sought. Then, restitution for their wrongdoings is demanded and required.  When all the above happens with sincerity and in reality, their sins can then be forgiven and true reconciliation may begin.                                 

St. Peter's Catholic Church in Four Corners

St. Mary Parish Courthouse                                                                                                                                          

Praying the Sixth Glorious Mystery of the Rosary over St. Mary Parish since 1998 and the 2020 Blessing of America with the Blessed Holy Water are just two Random Acts of Faith that are bringing "The Light" of the Truth back into the darkness of this world so that conversion and repentance and restitution may occur.  Check the legend on the left to see the specific web site pages about those two acts of faith as well as much about Our Lady of America moving greatly at this time.

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